52 Ancestors –#52 What’s in a name – Amstutz

The VERY LAST, FINAL entry in the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks Challenge!! Okay, I know it is not the 52nd week of the year, but I’m working ahead so I can take two weeks off. For this final entry in the 52 weeks challenge, I chose to go back to the very first of […]

52 Ancestors: Johannes Amstutz (1797) #51 Recycling Names of Triplets

The fourth Johannes Amstutz in Ken’s ancestral line of great-grandfathers (his third great-grandfather)  was economical in the use of names.  Naturally, he named a son Johannes (AGAIN!) but there’s more to the story. [In fact there may have been even more ancient Johannes Am-Stutz’s, but the John Amstutz Family History only goes back to the […]

Johannes Amstutz-52 Ancestors #50 A family divided

At this time of year, we treasure gathering family together.  How sad, then, to contemplate a family  where the children were scattered among relatives due to the early deaths of their parents. Johannes Amstutz (1771) and Anna Gerber Last week, I wrote about my husband Ken’s 2nd Great Grandfather, Johannes Amstutz who was born in […]