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A New Start with Adam Stahler

ADAM STAHLER, (1747-1807) 4th Great Grandfather

What could be more appropriate for the New Year than a new start? That is where Stahler comes in.

So, as I teased in my last post, Ancestors in Aprons will try something new in 2018.  At the beginning of every year I promise to climb out further on the branches on my father’s side of the famly tree. And every year I am stymied by the lack of or contradictory information on the KASER family.

Now I am going to start down a different branch.


When my 3rd great-grandfather, JOSEPH KASER married ELIZABETH STAHLER in Pennsylvania about 1798, the Stahler line joined the Kaser family tree.

Elizabeth’s father, ADAM STAHLER will be my first focus, but for now, I am only going to mention the basic facts that I start with.

Johan (or John) Adam Stahler was born in Pennsylvania and lived in Lehigh County, as the Kaser family did.  He married in the Lehigh Lutheran (Zion) Church and made his public profession of faith at the church on the same day in 1768.

His bride’s name was Eva Maria HIENRICH–(Another name to add to the tree!)

He served in a militia during the American Revolution. (The first of my father’s line for whom I have proof of that service.)

Tax rolls reveal that he was fairly prosperous.

He left a will.

In other words, he left many more clues to his life than my Kaser relatives in the same generations.  I now have these facts to mine for a story.

The mystery that arose from the records is a mention of the family being Catholic, despite the fact that they appear frequently in the records of the Lutheran church.

New Start 2: Three Little Letters

The second new start, I am hoping, will come from finally doing a DNA test.  I have mine, and I got one for my brother for good measure.  We have pretty solid evidence about where our families come from–The British Isles, Netherlands, Germany.

The Ancestry.com test will not sort out some of our questions like were they Swiss or German? were they really Irish? Or, as my brother suspects were there some French?  Instead, Ancestry lumps all of Western Europe into one bigger pot, and we need to find other ways to answer those particular questions.

I am hoping the results may put us in touch with other members of the Kaser and related clans.  The human contacts made through close matches in DNA just might tear down a few brick walls on our father’s side.

I know just about as little as it is possible to know about DNA, except to know that it is not magic.  I will be reading more about it, spending extra time tracking what it shows me once the results are in. And I hope will be coordinating the DNA information with the paper trails I’ve been chasing.

A START WITH 52 Ancestors Again

Amy Johnson Crow has challenged bloggers to write and talk about an ancestor each week in a new 52 Ancestors project.  This time she will give a prompt to stimulate an angle for writing.  I will be participating–maybe not every week–but at least frequently, as in this first post in which I START to introduce ADAM STAHLER, my 4th great-grandfather, and my plans for the coming year.

So stay tuned as I look at Elizabeth Stahler and Adam STAHLER, and see where that leads me on the KASER tree.

How I Am Related

  • Vera Marie Kaser Badertscher is the daughter of
  • Paul Kaser, who is the son of
  • Clifford Kaser, who is the son of
  • Joseph Kaser III, who is the son of
  • George Kaser, who is the son of
  • Joseph Kaser and Elizabeth Stahler Kaser, who is the daughter of
  • Adam Stahler.