Red Pepper Jam Update from Grandma Vera’s Recipe

A while back, I shared with you Vera Anderson’s recipe for Red Pepper Jam. Since I wrote that, I have actually tried the recipe, and here’s the result.

You may remember it started like this:

Making Canned Food--Re Peppers

Red Peppers for Ready to Make Grandma’s Red Pepper Jam

The first step. Since she always like modern things, I’m sure grandma would approve of using the electric food processor instead of the hand-cranked food chopper.

Red Pepper ready for chopping

Chopping the peppers

Then the serious cooking starts.

Red Pepper jam ingredients

Pepper jam ingredients cooking.

And finally, they get ladled into two jars–yes TWO jars is all that results from 7 peppers.

Red Pepper jam

Red Pepper jam

And to tell you the truth–I would change the name to Red Pepper Relish, because it tastes more like sweet pickle relish than anything else I can think of. But I am definitely looking forward to breaking it out for a family meal and spreading it on whatever meat we’re having. It will be great on ham, but also good on beef or poultry. Thanks, Grandma.

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