Letters From E–The Civil War Letters of Erasmus Anderson

Letters From Private Erasmus Anderson, Union Army, Ohio 16th Volunteer Infantry, and the end of his part of the war.  If you missed this Civil War series, here is an easy guide to lead you through the sequence.

Erasmus Anderson Civil War Letter

One of the letters from Erasmus Anderson to his wife “Suzi” 1862

Letter One:Cheerful Beginnings, Cincinnati, Ohio, September 10, 1862

In a Bad Humor at Camp Dennison, Camp Dennison, near Cincinnati, Ohio, October 7, 1862

Hard March to Kanawha Valley, Kanawha Valley Virginia (now West Virginia), October 26, 1862

November in Charleston, Charleston Virginia (now West Virginia), November 5, 1862

December in Memphis, Memphis Tennessee. Undated, but army camped twenty-three days, starting November 26, 1862.

The Civil War Wounded and The Hospital Ship Red Rover , Mississippi River, January 5, 1863

Civil War Deserters, Mississippi River, January 20, 1863

Politics and Peaches, Army of the Mississippi, February 17, 1863

In the Dark Woods of the Mississippi, No location, Undated letter, could have been between January 13 and 20 on boat on White River.

Vicksburg Campaign Starts ,Richmond Louisiana, April 8, 1863

Water, Water Everwhere on March to Vicksburg, Carthage, Louisiana, April 20, 1863

At the Perkins Plantation , Louisiana, April 27. The last existing letter.

The Union Army Marches into Battle in Mississippi April-May 1863

From Battle to Battle Fighting through Mississippi to Vicksburg May 16-22, 1863

The End of the Erasmus Story May 22, 1863

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