When I wrote about my great-grandfather William Stout’s sisters, Lib, Sade and Mattie, I had not found this wonderful photograph, so I want to share it now. They must be at the family farm in Guernsey County Ohio. Their names are linked to the prior articles about them.

Stout Sisters

“Aunt Lib [Elizabeth Stout Cunningham], Aunt Sade [Sarah Stout Scott], Aunt Mattie [Martha Stout Hays],” labeled by Vera Anderson “Dad’s sisters” Taken in Guernsey County, early 20th century

Challenge: Match the sisters with these earlier pictures.

Martha Stout

Studio photograph of one of the Stout sisters–Mattie (Martha) or Sade (Sarah). Circa 1870

Stout daughters

(Circa late 1870s)

Photographs are property of the author.


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