Where to Find Dutch Recipes

WHEW! The Bent Family has kept me so busy researching that I have not had time to dip into my new copy of the very old Colonial cookbook, The Art of Cookery Made Plain and Easy (Excelling any Thing of the Kind ever yet published), by Mrs. Glasse. First published in 1747, and in American in 1805. Hannah Glasse, if anyone did, would have influenced my Colonial grandmothers. And how could you pass up a book “excelling anything of the kind ever yet published”?


Anyhow, I’ll come back and talk about the Colonial Cooking later. I just dropped by to say that thanks to Stephanie Stiavetti, who has a great cooking website, Fearless Fresh, I discovered In My Red Kitchen, and this recipe for a Dutch potato salad. The potato salad recipe sounds pretty familiar until you notice it has an APPLE in it!  If you were intrigued by the Dutch recipes I printed earlier, like Hutspot and Oliebolen, check out In My Red Kitchen.

Dutch Recipes at Ancestors in Aprons

Dutch Crunch Rolls

Hutspot, Smashed Potatoes

Oliebolen, Donut Holes

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