Christmas Cookies Time

Are you ready for Christmas cookies? Check out the recipes I posted last year and stay tuned for this year’s versions for a German Christmas cookie. ElisenLebkuchen. Grandma Vera’s Sugar Cookies Adults Only Christmas Cookies Pferfferneuse Fruit Cake Cookies Rhema’s Raisin Bars Agnes’ Refrigerator Cookies Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

Christmas Cookies: Grandma Vera’s Sugar Cookies

Finally, we get to the quintessential Christmas cookie.  Yes, there are worthwhile traditions and delicious reasons to make all those other cookies, but the cookie that really means Christmas is the cut-out, frosted, sugar cookie. In our family, that means Grandma Vera Anderson’s Sugar Cookie recipe. It also means help from whatever youngsters are around […]

Adults Only Christmas Cookies: Bourbon Balls

These are the only cookies on my list that are labeled “adults only.” And they are the cookies that must be made at least a week before they are going to be eaten, so hurry–you’re just getting here in time to make Bourbon Balls for Christmas. The winking Santa Mug  was made by Agnes Badertscher […]