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Vera Marie Badertscher, aka Pen4Hire

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I was a freelance writer for nearly 20 years, and a traveler since my parents took me on a road trip when I was one year old. I’ve visited most of the states in the U.S. and more than 30 countries.  When I want to know about a place and can’t get there for first hand knowledge, I read about it. That led me to create the blog, A Traveler’s Library. I kept my publishing information there and now have moved it to Ancestors in Aprons.

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Writing Around the Web

Do you want to read more than the articles here at Ancestors in Aprons?

I have been very active in the blogger community and have written guest posts for the following blogs/websites:

See more articles by hovering over the title “About Pen 4 Hire Writing” on the menu at the top of the page.  Pen 4 Hire Articles leads to pdfs of articles, and further hovering brings up four articles reprinted here.


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24 thoughts on “About Pen4Hire’s Writing: A Slice of My Life

  1. Travler's Bro

    Have read several of your excellent travel reports demonstrating your ability to get into the essence of local culture and color, thanks to an empathy with the locals of many locales. Looking forward to you next discovery!

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  3. Keith

    Hi Vera,
    Well done. I love your site and like you, am learning tonnes at Darren’s 31-day challenge!
    For your site, I would suggest getting a logo that reflects you and your site’s content. Doesn’t have to be anything fancy. You can have one made on the internet for free (just do a Google search, something like “create logo+free” and dozens of adequate logo-making software will appear). That’s how I got mine made… shush… don’t tell anyone else 😉 I got this bit of advice about adding a logo to my blog from a great Twitter pal of mine. Funny thing was, I already had the logo but couldn’t incorporate it into my WordPress theme. He helped me out with changing the codes but it didn’t look nice so I switched to a different theme, hence the revamp! I agree with him that the logo does work wonders for your branding and it adds another personal touch to your site.


  4. Christina Rebuffet-Broadus

    Love the site. Now the hard part is going to select which books not to buy then finding the time to read them ALL. And I’ll definitely be adding this site to my favorites.

    1. Avatar photopen4hire Post author

      Thanks, Sarah. I had never been to San Antonio, until two years ago. This will be my third trip in two years. Surprising how things work out. Last year my husband and I took a Texas Hill Country back road trip (up to Ft. Worth) and stopped at that bakery in Castroville that you talk about in your blog.
      I hope that you’ll come back often to visit A Traveler’s Library.

  5. Gordon Snider

    Dear Vera:

    Like you, I have traveled the world, and I write. I thought you might be interested in one of my novels, Sigourney’s Quest, which delves into the culture, spirituality, landscapes, and political difficulties in Tibet. I photographed Tibet in the 1990s for a tour operator and fell in love with the people and country, but hated what I saw the Chinese doing there. Sigourney’s Quest was my response. It is available through book stores, Amazon.com, etc. My website has a brief synopsis and sample chapter.

    Best wishes,

    Gordon Snider

  6. Nancy Lynn Jarvis

    Hi Vera,
    When you do the Pacific Northwest, may I invite you to come a little south to the Monterey Bay area. I would like to show you Santa Cruz, on the north side of the bay, in person and through the murder mysteries I write that are set there.

    If that’s not enough of an enticement we have several noted mystery writers living in the area although I’m the only one writing about Santa Cruz.

    Nancy Lynn Jarvis
    Author of “The Death Contingency” and Backyard Bones”

  7. Angelo Thomas Crapanzano

    I too have changed careers, from engineer to management to artist to writer. I did much traveling in between. However I am a novice campared to you. I am very impresed by your experience. But I do have one over you and that is my tour of Sicily. I originally thought that Sicily was a collection of farms and orchards. In 2004 I toured Sicily and was astonished at its history, being occupied at one time through history by each of the European nation

    From the gold imbedded wall pictures of the Cathedral Montreal of Palermo to the ruins of Taormina to the Greek Temples of Agrigento, I was amazed. Touring the three Greek Temples and the drive by at night when they were brightly illuminated was the high light of the tour.

    1. Avatar photopen4hire Post author

      Rebecca: So nice of you to come by and comment, and I’m so glad that you like the blog. How are those beautiful flowers of yours doing? Getting ready to burst into bloom?

  8. senem

    i like your website a lot…my namer is senem..from Turkey
    i am now travelling to Brasil..
    i am wondering if you could reccomend me some books about brasil,argentina and chile
    thanks a lot in advance
    and happy days!

    1. Avatar photopen4hire Post author

      Unfortunately, I have not posted many books in South America. You can always do a search in the search box to see what is on the site. For Chile, I really love the writer Isabel Allende. And there’s a great book on Uruguay, Invisible Mountain that I did review.

  9. Kristin Espinasse

    Bonjour Vera,

    Your bio page is so inspiring! How I wish to have taken drama in school (too shy) or to be as ready to travel (I’m a homebody, but do have the chance to “voyager”. Will hope to see Greece next, after reading about your passion for it 🙂

  10. esa1969

    Hi Vera, nice to meet you. I’m from Indonesia, far away from your country. But one thing : we love Agatha Christie. Visit me back in my blog, please.

    1. Avatar photopen4hire Post author

      Hi: And Thanks for visiting. I did check out your blog, but unfortunately I can’t read it. Glad to see you are such a fan of Agatha Christies and bloging about books in Malay.

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  12. Victoria Twead

    Hello Vera,
    Lovely blog! I was wondering whether you might like to join our bubbly community at We Love Memoirs. WLM is a colourful mix of readers and writers from all over the world, many of whom (like me) have written travel memoirs.
    Amongst other things, we hold a Member Monday every week where we chat with a member. I’d love to see you sit in our Member Monday chair, I’m sure you have a thousand fascinating stories to tell!
    Do join us, or email me,
    Victoria Twead 🙂


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