52 Ancestors, #41 Caroline Limback Bair

Caroline Limback, 1855-1936 My husband Ken, as I have mentioned before, has always thought that he was 100% Swiss.  His paternal line–Badertscher-Amstutz-Tschantz, Baumgardner et al, all emigrated from Switzerland. However, he and his sister knew less about their maternal line–Bair-Limbach-Manbeck et al. In fact, although he knew that his family included Amstutz’s and Tschantz’s, he […]

52 Ancestors: October – The Bair Family

Do I have an ancestor with a birthday or anniversary in October to write about for the 52 Ancestors challenge theme this week? Three close family members–husband, brother and first grand daughter–have birthdays in October. More to the point, the man whose family I wanted to write about today was born in October. How convenient.  […]

52 Ancestors #39 The Germans are Coming – Bair

One thing that we KNEW about my husband’s ancestors–they were Swiss. 100% Swiss. I even said so in the first article I wrote about the Badertschers,  Swiss Immigrants Invade Ohio. So the challenge to write about something “Unique” today had me floored.  I had several unique things I could find among my ancestors, but Ken’s? […]