52 Ancestors #38 Kidron and Sonnenberg: Favorite Place of Swiss Mennonites

Last week, I got  a little sidetracked with maps of Tuscarawas County, Ohio and Switzerland‘s Bern region, to show how the ancestors of Kenneth Ross Badertscher‘s mother’s maternal line came from a small area in Switzerland, and clustered together in one area in Ohio when they came to America. It was their favorite place. This […]

52 Ancestors #37 Anna Barbara Müller Lost Half Her Children

Anna Barbara Müller (Schneiter) 1839-1912 Even though I know that infant and childhood were dangerous times in earlier centuries, my heart goes out to a family that loses five children. Anna Barbara and Samuel Schneiter would have had ten children if all their children had lived to adulthood. Instead, five died as infants or young […]

52 Ancestors #36: Paul Kaser, Hydrologist -Work for a Living or for a Career?

Paul Kaser (1909-1996) My father, Paul Kaser, thought it was okay just to make enough money to keep a roof over his head. Then he met my mother, Harriette Anderson, who had other ideas. Get a career with some stability and chance for advancement before we get married, she said. Last week I talked about […]