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More Whozzits from the Antique Photo Album

I would like to just ignore these guys, but Hattie Morgan Stout, my great-grandmother won’t let me.  After all, they were connected to her in some way, so that she kept their photos in her antique photo album. And it is great fun to be able to put faces to names in the family tree.

A Facebook genealogy page that I frequent contributed a link to a site that helps people find out who is in their photos.  If you have some photos you want some help with, just go to I.D. a Photo.

Great Grandmother's Antique Photo Album

Great Grandmother’s Photo Album, Metal letters on velvet cover

Sometimes it is helpful to know where the picture was taken. In the case of the picture that I thought was Jesse Morgan, it helped me prove it could not be him, because the photographer wasn’t doing business in the town where the picture was taken when Jesse was alive. Here’s a carte de viste--a term I learned when I wrote before about the antique photo album.

Photo of unknown relative

Gotta love the attitude.

I am fairly certain that this was one of Doc William Stouts brothers, but which one?  The fact the picture was taken in Knoxville throws me for a loop, because I don’t know which of my relatives would have been in Knoxville.  Don’t you love the “natural setting” with the rough-hewn rock?

And then there’s this rather distinguished looking guy in a faded portrait:

Photo of Unknown Relative

Unknown from Stout album, Gilvin Photo, Pottsville PA

According to the fashion page I consulted, this style of celluloid collar was prevalent between 1900 and 1910.  Now I just have to figure out who we know who might have been in Pottsville, PA.  We had a lot of ancestors who came from Pennsylvania–I just have to dig some more to see who might have been in Pottsville.

And since I should give a little equal time to the ladies—

photo of unknown ancestor

Photo of unknown ancestor

Or maybe not.

I guess I really should upload these photos to that new website and see if anyone recognizes my long-lost ancestors. You don’t, by any chance, do you? And I surely could use a fashion expert–do you know the periods of these pictures?