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Letter to Grandma and Daddy Guy

On the back of the letter below, written in pencil, my mother wrote “Bunny’s First Letter”. Although she did not date it, it is from 1944, written in thanks for my 5th birthday presents sent to our apartment near the University of Chicago from my grandparents in Killbuck, Ohio. My father was working temporarily for the Weather Bureau in downtown Chicago.

[Something new has been added–this picture of my mother and me and the caption on the back, where the printing looks the same as on the letter. This picture, I’m sure, was taken in Killbuck, Ohio, but during 1944, my mother and I returned to Killbuck because my Grandfather was ill. My birthday was in March and he died in July, 1944,]

I’m publishing this letter today because yesterday I published Daddy Guy Anderson’s letter referring to “Nice Little Baby” and this clears up that he must have called me that regularly. One other note–I’m happy to say that I was apparently addicted to dashes early on–note the dash between GRAN>Ma–DAddY GUY instead of an “and”. Also–there has been a lot of discussion lately about the “new” habit of signing text messages with XXX. Guess I was ahead of my time.

Vera Marie's First letter--1944

Vera Marie’s First letter–1944