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Josiah Stout

Josiah Stout 1780-1862

This continues my search for the motivation that drove my great-great-grandfather, Isaiah Stout (1822) to leave New Jersey for Ohio at the age of 17. Isaiah Stout’s Great Uncle, Josiah Stout, left New Jersey, but not until he was an elderly man. Josiah’s son Charles, Isaiah’s first cousin (1 time removed) who provided a closer role model to Isaiah for leaving New Jersey. However Charles migrated to Illinois, rather than to Ohio. And Isaiah’s great uncle Josiah followed his son when the father was about 75 years old.

To keep the generations consistent, I am using the system of numbering starting with Richard Stout, the founder of this Stout family in North America. (CORRECTED Jan 2020) The generations are (1) Richard, (2) David, (3) Freegift, (4) my ancestor Isaac and his brother Obadiah (5) Isaac’s children including my ancestor Isaiah and his brothers Josiah and Aaron, (6) Josiah’s and Aaron’s children.

His biography at Find a Grave describes Josiah as a prominent businessman in the shipping business. Other sources call him a prominent New Jersey businessman. He must have been a wheeler dealer in need of money for investments, because we have seen that his father, Isaac Stout (1740) mentioned in his will a loan to Josiah plus another loan for which the father had co-signed.

Generation Five: Josiah Stout and Wife Ann Go to Brooklyn

The 1850 census shows Josiah (70) and his wife Ann (69) living in New York with their Daughter Cornelia L. Bauduoine and her four children (ages 2-11).  They had moved there about 1848.

Generation Six: Cornelia Goes To New York and to Illinois

Josiah’s daughter Cornelia had married Abraham Baudoine in New Jersey in 1837 and they had one daughter before they moved to New York in 1839. There they had four more children. However, Abraham Bauduoine died in 1848, possibly before the birth of the son named for him, as the census lists the boy as two years old in 1850.  

Cornelia remarried in 1855 in Illinois, and by 1860 had lived in Canton, Fulton County, Illinois. Her second husband, Reuben Huff, brought a son, William to the marriage.

Generation Five: Josiah Stout and Wife Ann Move West

This first map of Stout migrations shows the home base in Hunterdon County, Cornelia in Brooklyn, Cornelia and later Charles in Canton Illinois, and Charles in Spring Lake Illinois.

Generation Six: Charles Goes to Illinois

The elderly couple, Josiah and Ann, resettled in Tazewell County, Illinois where their son Charles Steward Sr. lived with his family. According to the 1850 census, Charles had three children born in New Jersey before 1840, a son born in New York in 1840, and three more children born in New Jersey before 1850. The 1860 census gives us proof of approximately when he moved to Illinois. The family had another daughter born in New Jersey in 1853, but their young son was born in 1858 in Illinois.

So we know that Charles moved to Spring Lake, (Tazewell County) Illinois between 1853 and 1858. The motivation was probably economic. In 1850 the census shows him as “no occupation”, but once he moves to Illinois, he becomes a farmer. Since Charles’ mother, Ann Prall Stout died in Tazewell County in 1856, Charles probably moved around 1854 or 1855, when the elder Stouts had reason to leave New York.

Josiah continued to live with Charles until he died in 1862. So although Josiah left New Jersey, as did Charles, it does not seem that their migration has much to do with Isaiah. However, Isaac 1740, Josiah’s father, had another son, Aaron, who might have been a more direct influence. Next we will explore Aaron’s story.

See the map with details here.

How I Am Related

  • Vera Marie Badertscher is the daughter of
  • Harriette Anderson Kaser, who is the daughter of
  • Vera Stout Anderson, who is the daughter of
  • William Cochran (Doc) Stout, who is the son of
  • Isaiah Stout (1822), who is the son of
  • Isaac Stout (1800), who is the son of
  • Isaiah Stout (1773) who is the son of
  • Isaac Stout (1740), who is also the father of
  • Josiah Stout (1780)

Notes on Research

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